Song Premiere: Kalsey Kulyk’s “Low Times in High Heels”

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Premiere: “Low Times in High Heels,” off of Kalsey Kulyk’s upcoming debut EP.

About the artist: Born in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Kulyk developed a love for music at a young age. She had her first talent show at 3, her first guitar at 13, and her first competition win shortly thereafter. In high school Kulyk was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now that she has recovered, she’s back making music with more heart and soul than ever.

About the upcoming album: “I’m so excited to finally be able to share what I’ve been working on for so long!” says Kulyk. “This album has something for everyone. It’s pieces of me, written for anyone who has felt like they haven’t been heard yet.”

About the song: Written by Oran Thornton and Jason Saenz and produced by Thornton, “Low Time in High Heels,” brings female empowerment to the forefront.

“‘Low Times in High Heels’ is a straight-up women’s song,” says Kulyk. “Sometimes you need a little extra to feel a bit better about yourself. I always get asked why I wear heels since I’m so tall, and my answer is always the same: because heels make me feel a little more confident when I walk into a room! I always feel like they add to my presence, even when I don’t feel confident. Not that I need heels to be confident, but I always do feel a little more zippy when I step into them.”

Why we like it: This is the kind of rockin’ country feminist empowerment song we’ve been waiting for. And what female doesn’t love to slip on a sassy pair of heels every now and then?