Rod Stewart Breaks Down His ‘Age Appropriate’ New Album ‘Blood Red Roses’


Rod Stewart knew exactly what he didn’t want to do when he began penning songs for his new album Blood Red Roses, which landed in stores on September 28th. “I didn’t want to write songs like ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Hot Legs,’ and ‘Tonight’s the Night,'” he says. “I wanted to attempt to do something a little bit more age-appropriate, and hopefully I’ve succeeded.”

The album is part of a creative renaissance for the 73-year-old that began with his 2013 LP Time and continued in 2015 with Another Country. Up until those albums he’d put songwriting on hold for well over a decade to concentrate on his Great American Songbook series along with other covers projects, but then the itch to compose his own material returned. He says that writing his 2012 memoir Rod: The Autobiography played a big role in that process, along with the realization that creating a new album no longer required endless late nights in dark studios. “I was always locked in the studio for months on end,” he says. “We’d spend two hours getting a drum sound. I’d never even see daylight. It became laborious.”